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Refugee Claim in Canada

Refugee Appeal Division (RAD)

The Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) hears appeals against outcomes of the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) refugee claim process to allow or reject claims for refugee protection. In some cases, there will not be any hearing as the RAD will take decisions based on the documents provided by RPD records and the parties involved.

Who can appeal to the RAD.
Refugee Appeal Process

You may appeal RPD decision (Refusal of a Refugee Claim) to the RAD. However, you cannot appeal refusal of a refugee claim to the RAD in some cases like:

Also, you are not eligible to file an appeal to RAD about:

How to respond to an Appeal by Minister

If the minister is appealing a decision by RPD that you were granted refugee protection, you have the right to respond to the appeal and to file documents.

The RAD will make decision on the Minister’s appeal based on Minister’s documents and RPD record, if you have decided that you do not intend to respond to ministers appeal.

To make sure that RAD will consider your response to the Minister’s appeal, you must:

You must make sure that you completed all the above requirements in order for the RAD to consider your response against the Minister’s appeal into consideration. 

Refugee Appeal Division